Explore the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the life-altering decisions that go into making open-source software.

featuring co-creators Lee Byron, Dan Schafer & Nick Schrock

The Story of GraphQL

The Honeypot film crew helped us tell the GraphQL origin story better than we could have ourselves. They understand and captured not just the key technical steps but also the context, magnitude, impact, and community in a way that only great documentarians can. All while being warm and genuine people that were a pleasure to spend time with which made the process feel fun and effortless.


Dan Schafer

Co-Creator, GraphQL

The documentary does a fantastic job capturing the people and environment that led to the creation of GraphQL. Seeing it come alive on screen was an extraordinary pleasure and an experience I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful to Josiah and everyone at Honeypot, both for putting this together and for making the process so much fun.

Lee Byron

Co-Creator, GraphQL

We love giving back to the tech community. We contribute to open-source projects, run tech meet ups and conferences such as GraphQL Conf and are now releasing our third open-source documentary, following the release of Elixir in 2018 and Ember.js earlier this year.



Starring Lee Byron, Dan Schafer and Nick Schrock  (co-creators of GraphQL) and other big names from the GraphQL community, "GraphQL: The Documentary" explores the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it's having on big tech companies worldwide.

"GraphQL: The Documentary" was filmed over the span of 2 months in San Francisco and Berlin with the help and support of the GraphQL community.

We have been really involved with the GraphQL community since founding Honeypot. We run the GraphQL Conf here in Berlin with Prisma, so having the chance to work with Lee, Nick and Dan to make this documentary was really rewarding.

Director, GraphQL: The Documentary

Josiah McGarvie

Working on this documentary really opened my eyes to the heroes of the tech world who are rarely recognised for their hard work and brilliant achievements. This film is a testament to the creative minds of Dan Schafer, Lee Byron and Nick Schrock.

Emma Tracey

Co-Founder, Honeypot

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The Story of


Explore the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the life-altering decisions that go into making open-source software.

feat. co-creators Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, and Nick Schrock


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GraphQL: The Documentary

It was an honor to work with Josiah and the team from honeypot.io. I was absolutely blown away by the finished product. It captured both the urgency and joy of the early months of the GraphQL project, a period of my career I'll always be proud and fond of. I'm forever in their debt for producing this documentary that I'll always cherish.

Nick Schrock

Co-Creator, GraphQL